English Page

Hallo, we are translating some of our pages in English, so please be patient if we still don't have enough informations here in this section.

Let us just explane a bit how it works:

Le Galline Felici, litterally the Happy Hens, is a cooperative of small farmers and small-medium sized food producers from Sicily and Calabria. We grow and prepare our product taking care that all the crops are organic even if some of them are not labeled.

We don't have nothing to do with poultry, so if you're asking yourself the reason of the name, read why Le Galline Felici

We started to sell to the new born Italian network of fair economy and community supported agricolture about 15 years ago. We've been part of the network and backspine of several activities and we're still promoting it with strenght.

In the last few year we developed our network outside Italy in France, Belgium, Austria and we receive every week new contacts for products shipment or to colaborate in activities, and we're all very glad of that.

We mainly work with self-organizing groups of people who join together to buy and share our different products: oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefriuts and other agrumes, Avocados, kiwis, vegetables, almonds, jams and marmelades, bisquits and cakes and gourmet tapenades.

We ship mainly in pallets of 64/80 boxes, every box depending on the content can weight 6 - 12 Kg.

The shipment outside Italy is made by truck and we deliver to a place that you decide, where a truck can drive and unload.

It is important to coordinate every order with the reference so we can discuss when and where to deliver. If you don't know anyone who is coordinating shipments in your region please ask us or maybe you can be a new node in our network.

If you're interested please take a look at the contact page and send a mail to the contact person.

Thank you!